Oi~ssu♪, Documentation!

Oissu (properly stylized as Oi~ssu♪) is a script for formatting dialogue-based stories on Tumblr, mainly focused on delivering a better experience for Ensemble Stars!! Story translations.


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Oi~ssu♪ (おい〜っす, in English 'sup) is a commonly said phrase by the character Mao Isara, from the Japanese franchise Ensemble Stars!!. The franchise has an entire universe of lore told through hundreds of stories ranging from short conversations, a full novel series, up to theatrical stage plays and movies, and relies on unofficial fan translators to translate and distribute the content in English. Oissu is designed to help format and increase readability and reading experience of the translations, as they are unofficial and directly against the content guidelines and hence receive no official support.

Despite originally stemming from Ensemble Stars!!, Oissu can fully support stories (or any other dialogue-based content) outside of Ensemble Stars!! (with minor modification). An upcoming Oissu Grid standard will help aid Oissu's usage and adaptation for other platforms.