Base Configuration

Oissu can be configured through the theme customization page on Tumblr through the "Oissu Settings" option.


Currently not revising this page yet, but will be updated when Oissu 1.1.0 comes out!

General Options


Disables highlighting to select text, if you want to stop people from copying text from your stories.

Default: true


Enables option to open in chat format in toolbar.

Default: true


Enables option to open in fullscreen in toolbar.

Default: true

Enables option to show navigation bar in toolbar.

Default: true


Style any Oissu variable in the list below (and a bit more).

1styles: 2 text-font: "14px/1.3 'Karla'" 3 # fontSize/lineHeight fontFamily 4 text-color: "#4b545e" 5 link-color: "#294769" 6 link-color__hover: "#23558e" 7 background-color: "#eef0f3" 8 background-color__hover: "#e5e9ee" 9 background-secondary-color: "#dbdfe7" 10 background-secondary-color__hover: "#ced3dd" 11 animation-duration: "0.2s" 12 # set to 0s if you want to disable animations 13 border-color: "#c5ccd2" 14 toolbar-icon-color: "#4b545e" 15 bubble-color: "#fbfbfe" 16 identifier-color: "#5e6978"

Default Story Settings

Set default attributes for all Oissu instances on your blog. This maybe useful if you want to use a consistent iconpack throughout your blog, or have a fixed directory link. (See available options in Story Options).

1defaults: 2 display: initials 3 display-custom: initials 4 directory: Directory