Story Options

You can customize a few options by adding attributes to the main <div> tag. All options are prefixed with data-oissu-.

1<div 2 class="oissu" 3 data-oissu-display="yns" 4 data-oissu-next=" Chapter 2" 5 data-oissu-directory=" Directory" 6> 7 <p> 8 <b>Hinata:</b> To everyone passing 9 by, hello~! ☆ 10 </p> 11 <p> 12 I’m Aoi Hinata! 13 </p> 14 <p> 15 <b>Yuuta:</b> And I’m Aoi Yuuta! 16 </p> 17</div>

Hinata: To everyone passing by, hello~! ☆

I’m Aoi Hinata!

Yuuta: And I’m Aoi Yuuta!

data-oissu-prev, data-oissu-next, data-oissu-directory

Define a link to use on the navigation bar with the syntax:

data-oissu-{option}="<link> [link name]"


Iconpack for use in the story.


Currently there are 4 iconpacks: es-unit-outfit, es-idol-outfit, es-initials, and yns-winter-student-outfit. More will be available in the future with a proper way to browse iconpacks.

Default: es-idol-outfit


Define with JSON array a custom set of icons for specific character.

1[ 2 { 3 "commonname": "Mao", 4 "fullname": "Isara Mao", 5 "filename": "" 6 }, 7 { 8 "commonname": "Izumi", 9 "fullname": "Sena Izumi", 10 "filename": "" 11 } 12]

Ensemble Stars!! icon pack from the @enstars/img repository