Tumblr Installation

Include this code in your theme's <head> tags.

1<script src=""></script> 2<meta name="text:Oissu Settings" content=""></meta> 3<script oissu>`{text:Oissu Settings}`</script>

Other Versions

The CDN ( offers two options:

  •{majorVersion} for the latest patch on Oissu. This guarantees your stories will always work, but will require you to manually change the version when Oissu gets a major update.
  • for the latest release. This could possibly break your stories when Oissu is updated in a non-backwards compatible manner.

If you need to install other versions, use jsDelivr:

1<script src=""></script>

And replace version with the desired version (1.0.0, 1.0.6, latest etc.).

Other platforms

Other platforms such as MediaWiki, Dreamwidth, and Archive of Our Own have not been tested, but should work given some slight modifications.

npm Package

Oissu does not have an npm package yet, but is planned to be released in Oissu 2.0.0