Narrated Lines

Narration is a way to separate non-dialogue text from normal spoken lines. In general, Oissu uses <blockquote> to indicate non-dialogue text.

Formatted lines

Location, Season, and Time are included specifically to aid Ensemble Stars!! Translations.

Extra options

Add these options as classes on the <blockquote> element.


Displays narration in block format.


Exclude block from Oissu rendering.


os-exclude works on any element! It's very useful as support for non-Oissu rendering, like mobile app / dashboard, as you can hide other decorative elements like dividers.


1<blockquote> 2 <p>Season: Winter</p> 3 <p>Location: SS Stage?</p> 4</blockquote> 5<figure> 6 <img src="" /> 7</figure> 8<blockquote> 9 <p>In a dream, or perhaps a vision?</p> 10</blockquote> 11<p> 12 <b>Tomoya:</b> "♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪" 13</p> 14<p> 15 (Oh—) 16</p> 17<p> 18 (This is another dream, huh.) 19</p>

Season: Winter

Location: SS Stage?

In a dream, or perhaps a vision?

Tomoya: "♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪"


(This is another dream, huh.)

Sanctuary / Prologue translation by Ren